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Vidura’s holistic remedial education solution, starts with formative and summative assessments closely aligned with the curriculum. The student performance data collected in these assessments is then run through our analytical engine to identify learner’s needs, identify critical learning gaps to focus on and design individualized remedial worksheets.


Our primary focus is on the child level data we get after every assessment. We intend to leverage the potential of this data and design remedial learning ecosystem that is impactful.

The key to the success of any educational solution is to develop a usage model that is easy to implement, measure, and scale in a sustainable way. By working through existing delivery systems and existing teacher capacity, Vidura ensures that the transition to any of our solutions is smooth and reduces effort for educators and policy makers.


Our solutions are designed with the educator at the center.

We understand the day-to-day pressures an educator goes through. We understand that she or he is expected to pay attention to the learning abilities of each student, teach at the pace that suits each individual and provide remedial solutions to students that need them. These expectations exist under the backdrop of increasing student-teacher ratio, frequently changing curriculum and competition from private schools.

Data-Driven Personalized Learning with Vidura Education


As a modern-day Policy maker, you have to implement programs, manage different stakeholders, ensure data collection and extract actionable insights from that data. We manage that entire process for you.

Our child-level data will allow you to monitor the performance of a cohort, classroom, school, taluka and district seamlessly. We can also map these onto your Results Framework Documents (RFDs) to ease the reporting required. Any insight generated can be provided at different levels of the schooling system and can be a great way to measure outcomes. Now you can stop worrying about sinking resources and know what is working and what isn’t.

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